Sunday we highlight news that our blog community predicted as this design flaw worsens and now an ensuing crisis has come to pass.

Here's yet another Kansas City news roundup of FAIL that most opponents of the airport predicted:

"Travelers have complained about waiting in pickup lines that have extended as far as the highway. But officials say the system at the new terminal fails when people start parking in the pickup line."

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Kansas City's new airport terminal is a mess for picking up passengers. Can it be fixed?

Two weeks after the opening of the new terminal at Kansas City International airport, passenger pickups continue to be an issue. Drivers picking up people at the terminal have complained of lines that stretch all the way to the highway, due to people parking in the pick-up lanes.

New KCI airport prepares for busy Spring Break travel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's one of the most anticipated time of the year for students: Spring Break! For the new KCI airport , it marks a milestone for one of the first busy weeks it'll see. Justin Meyer, deputy director of the Kansas City Aviation Department, estimates the next two weeks could be the busiest since the start of the pandemic.

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