Newbie KCATA Honcho Frank White III Earns Big Bucks Despite Rules

Actually . . . Our blog community has disputed how much he really "earns" even if his salary is rather impressive . . . Check-it . . .

"KCATA pays him $275,000 a year, $50,000 more than (Former KCATA honcho) Makinen received after seven years in the job. Board members were unaware that White’s pay level was in violation of a city ordinance, a KCATA spokesperson said, until The Star informed them of it in an email this week. The ordinance caps the salaries paid CEOs of agencies that receive more more than 25% of their budgets from city taxpayers, which includes the KCATA."

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KC bus agency broke promise to search nationally for CEO, then paid him more than allowed

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority promised a nationwide search for a new leader to run the regional bus system after the agency's governing board fired CEO Robbie Makinen last July.