More Deets: Kansas City Mickey Mouse Money For Disney Tribute Garners Momentum

A bad idea is now moving ahead full steam . . . Here's a peek and a worthwhile roundup of recent progress for yet another taxpayer funded mouse house . . . .

Thank You Walt Disney applied for Community Project Grant Funding in the 2023 federal budget per the recommendation of Cleaver, who has been a supporter of the restoration since his time as mayor of Kansas City (1991-1999).

The grant’s impact is already being felt, building director Gary Sage noted, as the Missouri Development Finance Board authorized $500,000 in state tax credits that Thank You Walt Disney can offer to businesses that pledge donations.

“At this point, we’re about 55 percent of where we need to be with regard to the funding, and I’m pretty confident that we can fill in that additional $4 million reasonably quickly,” Sage said.

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Thank You Walt Disney Project Secures $2M in Federal Funds

A decades-long effort to redevelop Walt Disney's original Laugh-O-gram animation studios at 31st and Forest, along the Troost corridor, will receive $2 million in federal funding. The influx of funding announced last week by U.S. Rep.