MO Sen. Schmitt Shares EPIC Screed Ahead Of Trump Arrest

Former Prez Trump earns EPIC headlines across the nation amid fear that he might be arrested.

Here's the word from Missouri's newest senator . . .

Collected from a series of tweets you can check for yourself . . . Here's the easier to read version:

🚨The reported upcoming arrest of President Trump by hyper partisan Soros prosecutor Alvin Bragg is some Third World Banana Republic lunacy and a very, very dangerous road to go down. 🧵

Leftists in the United States are increasingly weaponizing investigations to persecute and prosecute political opponents. It must end.

The left’s conduct is similar to the conduct you find in a banana republic where the authoritarian state punishes its political enemies with criminal prosecutions in search of crimes.

It’s antithetical to America’s founding which rejected the idea and practice of those in power punishing political opponents for vague and ambiguous “crimes against the state.”  Instead, the Founders chose to create a country of laws, not of men.

Justice is supposed to be blind – there is a reason Lady Justice wears a blindfold instead of a political jersey.  Prosecutors have a special responsibility to adhere to the rule of law.

Trump Derangement Syndrome does not provide legal cover.  The public rightfully expects prosecutors to carry out our responsibilities without political prejudice.  Indictments, investigations and incarceration to settle political scores shows a deep contempt for the rule of law.

If this same behavior occurred in an authoritarian state, our own U.S. State Department would condemn it.  In liberal New York, evidently it’s politics as usual.

We must have the courage to call out this insanity before it becomes normalized. We must fight to save this Republic and the rule of law.  If we don’t, or if we choose to remain silent, we will become just another junk banana republic. —End Thread


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