Missouri Trans War Politics Almost Explained

For people who aren't mired in partisan slap fighting . . . This issue presents more than a bit of cognitive dissonance

Moralizing from politicians is always good laugh for anybody who knows how these guys really behave when they're off the clock. 

Hint: Jeff City has more quality 'whoo-ers' per capita than KCMO and not so long ago we remember darkly hilarious but serious charges against a former Missouri leader that involved alleged BDSM violence and green balloons

Meanwhile . . . 

Drag story hour for youngsters with parental supervision is a personal choice but NO SANE PERSON believes that dudes should be performing strip tease cabaret for youngsters. Meanwhile, there are already a great many obscenity laws in place that should cover complaints for those who are CURIOUSLY interested in this kind of thing . . . A culture war distraction that's never more REALLY interesting than a 30 second news clip.

That's our takeaway and we're actually interested in reading opinions beyond what is passing for conversation from the Twitter-bot content mill. 

Meanwhile, here's the mainstream dichotomy . . .

Different theories on why transgender-related issues have become so prominent in Missouri politics and policy:

Republican supporters of these initiatives say they are trying to reclaim ground against what they see as corrosive left-wing beliefs at a time when same-sex marriage and efforts to fight discrimination against LGBTQ people are much more popular than they were 20 years ago. They have also described their efforts to curtail certain types of healthcare for transgender youth as a way to protect children.

But opponents of these proposals see a cynical political ploy to bolster enthusiasm among the Republican base at the expense of a vulnerable part of the LGBTQ community. They also contend that whatever Republicans may gain politically isn’t worth the hit to Missouri’s reputation.

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Missouri GOP part of national trend targeting transgender rights as potent political issue

Proposals that would affect transgender Missourians have moved to the top of the GOP agenda in Jefferson City. "It is a priority," House Speaker Dean Plocher, R-Des Peres, said during a press conference last week before lawmakers departed the Capitol for spring break. "We're going to protect women's sports.