Mayor Q Decries 'Hateful Rhetoric' Of Missouri & Kansas Republicans

Of course he's not really getting into specifics about any particular policy . . . Instead, the Mayor merely enjoys the warm embrace of public radio in order to berate his partisan opposition.

Here's his take . . .

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas says he is frustrated with this kind of legislation being pushed in Missouri and Kansas. Beyond his general disagreement with these bills, he also views them as "a true existential challenge" for Kansas City when it comes to attracting big events in the future.

"One of the biggest hits that Kansas City had in its scoring related to getting the World Cup related to human rights issues," said Lucas. "For (both state legislatures) to spend their time just trying to marginalize and hurt young people and families is something that is incredibly distressing."

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Kansas City's mayor worries that 'hateful rhetoric' from state lawmakers will drive people away

Mayor Quinton Lucas touts Kansas City's ability to attract big events like the NFL Draft and the 2026 World Cup. But he worries that the "hateful rhetoric" and anti-LGBTQ policies coming out of statehouses in Missouri and Kansas could drive some residents and major gatherings away.