Long Shot Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Chastain Demands Voter Say In Crime Fight

A Sunday night shout out from an old friend of the blog . . .

Clay Chastain press release: 

Chastain challenges Lucas and the Council's vague $30 million anti-crime ordinance (that has no accountability to where the money is going) with his specific Path to Safety Initiative he will move to place before voters.

Once again, Mayor Lucas has no specific plan for anything, including how to abate Kansas City's record-setting homicide crisis. All he can do is direct the City Manager to throw $30 million to various anti-crime groups that have been largely ineffective in making Kansas City a safer place to live. I'm an engineer, not a crime specialist, but perhaps it's time to enact a specific, sensible and innovative solution to what is Kansas City's most serious problem. Here is my comprehensive (also addresses the underlying causes of crime) Path to Safety Initiative I will ask voters to approve, if elected;

In order to improve Public Safety shall the City adopt the following anti-crime measures and allocations of City funds as part of the City's new Path to Safety Initiative:

(1) Direct the appropriate authorities to enforce stiffer sentencing for gun and drug-related crimes (committed in the City) so as to keep dangerous criminals off the streets;
(2) Direct the City Manager to utilize the City's new $30 million anti-crime fund to go toward helping youth by establishing a new Job (trades) Training Center, a new Drug Intervention / Drug Rehabilitation Center and a new Youth Mental Health Center that includes teaching personal values (morals, respecting your neighbor and the law, work ethic, taking personal responsibility, etc.);
(3) Direct the City to eliminate funding for the Economic Development Council (EDC) & the KC Port Authority and redirect those funds into helping fund the Path to Safety Initiative, providing better neighborhood services in disadvantaged crime-ridden parts of the City and into cleaning up the entire City and keeping it clean;
(4) Direct the City Manager to help Kansas City secure a new semiconductor manufacturing facility (in the inner City) via the US Government's new CHIPS Act?



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