KCPS Teacher Pay Stays Winning?!?

Not exactly.

There's an argument that we could call this hazard pay.

Sadly . . . None of it is based on results if we look at recent test scores or enrollment over the long term.

As always, we share a more optimistic take . . .

First-year teachers will make $46,650 because of a new union contract that the school board approved in a unanimous vote last month. That’s an 8% jump from the $43,100 minimum that new KCPS teachers currently make.

Jason Roberts, president of AFT Local 691 — the union that represents many Kansas City teachers — said the pay raise comes as a response to the chronic teacher shortage that’s taking a toll on districts nationwide . . .

Missouri pays its teachers some of the lowest salaries in the nation, which makes it hard for school districts across the state to keep and attract staff. The average starting salary for Missouri’s teachers is just above $33,200 — only Montana pays new teachers less.

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Kansas City Public Schools tops local districts in new teacher pay by $150. Will others ante up?

Teachers at Kansas City Public Schools will soon be paid the highest starting salaries in the region - but just by a smidge. The school board approved a new union contract in the middle of a widespread teacher shortage that's making districts across the region compete to recruit and retain educators.