KC Tenants Fight In Northeast

Today's election season drama and hope for a solution amid tough times . . .

On March 10, just a few days before their leases are set to expire, the tenants of Gladstone Court Apartments sent a letter to Eli Rosenblatt of Wiser KC LLC.

“We are a community,” they wrote. “Many of us have lived here for years. Our kids go to school at Gladstone Elementary, just across the street. Some of us are elderly, others are sick, and our homes provide vital security for us. Most of our neighbors are Burmese refugees or Mexican immigrants. We take care of each other’s kids, translate for our neighbors, share information and resources. Here at North Lawn, we look out for one another.”

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North Lawn tenants demand safe, affordable housing

Tenants of the Gladstone Court Apartments are making demands for safe, affordable housing of the building's new owner after the company nearly tripled the rent with 30 days notice. Last week, KC Tenants, a city-wide tenant union, held a solidarity rally in support of the tenants at an apartment complex on North Lawn Avenue in the Historic Northeast.