KC Man Charged With Machine Gun Mayhem Absolves Lady Rider: 'All That Sh** Is On Me'

It's not quite chivalry but it's still somewhat reassuring to read about a bit of honor amongst Kansas City metro suspected crooks.

Here's the highlight and a local criminal charge that includes the defendant who decides to "man up" amid a tense situation . . .

A Kansas City man, 25, has been charged with Assault 1st Degree of a Law Enforcement Officer and other felonies after he was seen shooting with a gun later determined to be altered to be fully automatic at a chasing Cass County Sheriff's Deputy, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today.

According to court records, early Friday Kansas City police officers notified Grandview police that they were conducting surveillance on a moving vehicle that was subject of a multi-agency burglary investigation. Cass County deputies soon joined the high-speed pursuit of the vehicle and deployed stop sticks. As the pursuit neared 140th Street in Grandview, the suspect fired at officers. Soon after, Cass County deputies deployed a heavy-duty nylon net that snagged the vehicle and it stopped. The defendant exited the vehicle and an officer pursued him on foot until he took the suspect to the ground. A handgun was recovered that had been modified to be fully automatic. A second gun altered to be fully automatic was recovered from the passenger, a woman. Inside the vehicle, officers found merchandise from an Overland Park, Kan., store that recently was burglarized and from a liquor store in Clay County. The defendant told an officer who asked to talked to him,  "All that sh** is on me. I was driving and she was in the back seat."

Prosecutors requested a $250,000 cash bond.

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Jackson County prosecutor: KC man, 25, charged with firing automatic bursts at a law enforcement officer while fleeing police