Kansas Trans Showdown Underway

The GOP get serious about waging culture war in Kansas after suffering election defeat against Guv Kelly and Congress lady Sharice Davids.

Here's a glimpse at their strategy that doubles down against the smallish number of trans people in the state and the much larger percentage of progressives who support them . . . Check-it . . .

The state Senate voted 28-11 to approve the bill, which would impose the ban for K-12, college and club sports, starting July 1. It next goes to Gov. Laura Kelly, as the state House approved it two weeks earlier on an 82-40 vote.

Kelly vetoed two previous versions of the ban. Republicans made it a major issue when she ran for reelection last year, focusing multiple television ads on it. While she won a narrow victory, supporters of a ban appeared to pick up just enough legislative seats to have the two-thirds majorities necessary in both chambers to override a veto.

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Kansas nears ban on transgender athletes in women's sports

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature gave final approval Thursday to a ban on transgender athletes in girls' and women's sports, and they appear for now to have the votes to override the Democratic governor's expected veto.