Kansas Progressives Argue That School Choice Only Benefits 'Privileged' Elite

They've toned down this losing argument . . . Until recently, they just claimed it was racist.

Meanwhile . . . 

Amid the digital era we notice more WORKING-CLASS FAMILIES LOOKING FOR EDUCATIONAL ALTERNATIVES in the aftermath of COVID. 

Example: Even in progressive KCMO, school choice via charter options earns more students than traditional KCPS options.

Still, we're obliged to share their highly partisan argument disguised as reporting . . .

"Yet the war has another front, another theater of conflict: School vouchers. The programs envisioned by lawmakers would redirect state money to private schools, benefit privileged families rather than needy ones, and starve the public education system of vital resources."

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Kansas legislative leaders have declared war on the poor. They have pushed bills penalizing those receiving government assistance through the House Welfare Reform Committee. They have advocated a flat tax plan that benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. We have watched these proposals unfold in recent weeks, watched and heard the disdain.