Kansas Guv Kelly Fights GOP Tax Cuts

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Flat tax vs. Grocery discount?!?!

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With a $2 billion budget surplus, the passage of some form of tax cuts looks like a near certainty — along with a showdown from a governor who’s called the Legislature’s plans “irresponsible.”

Kelly has her own ideas on cutting taxes — most notably eliminating the sales tax on groceries immediately. She’s also warned she will block cuts sent to her desk that she concludes carve too deeply into the revenues that pay for state services. She recently said the Republican proposals would drain the state budget too dramatically.

“When I look at the structural balance,” Kelly said, “there’s no doubt it's not sustainable.”

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Kansas Republicans want to cut $1 billion in taxes, but the Democratic governor is pushing back

Republican Sen. Mike Thompson argued adding all retirement accounts to the tax relief would help keep retirees from leaving Kansas. "We're attempting," Thompson said, "to help them and help retain them in the state so they can continue to contribute to the economy." Democratic senators argued the additional cuts were too costly for the state budget.