Kansas GOP Imagines Weed Prohibition

The battle is over on this front . . . Politicos naively clinging to the forgotten era of weed prohibition are only denying their state revenue and crowding the courts & jails.

Here's a glimpse at the last combatants in this drug war battle that was already decided years ago . . .

"During the meeting, opponents of marijuana legalization spoke about potentially disastrous consequences for legalization, though some of their credentials were unclear."

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Despite high hopes, success of Kansas marijuana legislation remains unclear - Kansas Reflector

Sen. Mike Thompson, a Shawnee Republican and chair of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, said he wasn't willing to rush forward with any form of marijuana legislation, such as Senate Bill 171 . The bill, which has been placed in his committee, would legalize marijuana use for veterans with a valid medical card.

Johnson County DA calls medical marijuana a 'trojan horse' for full legalization in KS

For opponents to medical marijuana in Kansas, Missouri and other neighboring states are cautionary tales. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe looked to neighboring Missouri when urging members of the Kansas Senate not to move forward on legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.