Kansas City Zoo Aquarium Coming Soon

Another quick peek at the impact of low turnout elections in Kansas City . . . This monstrosity was passed by a decent margin around the time when a bunch of middle-class Karens ripped off locals for a doggie shelter that never earned much private support.

Here's the word . . .

Slated to open during Labor Day weekend, the zoo’s 600,000-gallon, $75 million aquarium will give visitors an up-close look at 34 exhibits with fish, corals, turtles, plants and more. It features in six major habitats of warm and cold-water environments.

To fund the project, the zoo used $45 million from the zoo district sales tax, which voters approved in 2011. Private donations covered the balance.

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JE Dunn, MMC Contractors finish construction on KC Zoo aquarium - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Zoo's $75 million aquarium is a few months away from opening to the public. The project - the largest capital undertaking in the zoo's history - took engineering and construction finesse. Here's how it came to life.

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