Kansas City Star Reminder: It's Legal To Smoke Weed At Raytown Bars

Credit where it's due . . . For once the newspaper offers some worthwhile information . . . Here's the word from one of the last real reporters working at the paper . . .

Raytown has doubled down on its laissez-faire attitude toward lighting up. The Board of Aldermen in February amended its municipal code to give similar discretion to bar and restaurant owners regarding the consumption of marijuana, which Missouri made legal for recreational use last year.

In theory, that means a Camel Blue cigarette smoker and a KC Kush pre-roll smoker can legally share the same ashtray inside a Raytown tavern so long as the owner posts a sign near every entrance that says: “WARNING! Smoking of Marijuana is not regulated in this establishment.”

In reality, though, nobody seems to be taking the city up on its generous offer just yet.

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You can smoke weed inside bars and restaurants in this part of KC metro - in theory

In the late 2000s, when smoking bans swept across the Kansas City area, one municipality bucked the trend: Raytown. Even today, in the year of our lord 2023, you can still find cigarette smokers puffing and hacking inside Eclipse Bar and Grill, DJ's Hangout, Irish Pub House and several other Raytown joints.