Kansas City Star Fears GOP Impact On Transgender Care For Youngsters

Reality check . . . Healthcare overall in Missouri & Kansas is pretty abysmal.

Sadly . . . The newspaper is merely repeating talking points . . .

Republican lawmakers in both Missouri and Kansas have filed legislation to prevent doctors from providing gender transition surgeries or hormone therapies to minors. They have also pursued legislation to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports and bar transgender women from female designated spaces, including bathrooms and locker rooms, and transgender men from male designated spaces.

Interviews with doctors, transgender individuals and family members in Kansas and Missouri reveal an atmosphere of alarm over the attacks on transgender care. Collectively, they are concerned about the potential for the legislation to cast a pall over providers and patients – even if the measures never become law.

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'Everybody's afraid.' Doctors warn of chilling effect as MO, KS target transgender care

Kansas City-based endocrinologist Brandon Barthel has provided care for transgender adults for six years, including helping them go through hormone therapy. When he sees patients and talks to colleagues these days, he sometimes hears fear.