Kansas City Star Condemns Tucker Carlson & Sen. Hawley Over Capital Riot Reporting

Here's the thing about the 1st Amendment and American Free Speech . . . It doesn't really have as many defenders as voters might imagine. 

Most people don't want to hear opinions and/or reporting with which they disagree. 

Here at TKC we thought Tucker's report was interesting even if it was obviously biased in many segments. 

Moreover . . .

Here's what's REALLY worth considering . . .

Tucker Carlson is now questioning the election outright and, as 2024 looms, that's far more important than the video of the QAnon Shaman getting a police escort.

In our humble opinion . . . The politics of the video is far more captivating than anything captured by the footage. 

Accordingly . . . Here's the newspaper doing their best to reinforce the mainstream progressive narrative that seems to be crumbling amid worsening inflation and the threat of nuke war . . . Check-it . . .

"The problem is that Carlson’s insurrection denialism won’t wash. More than two dozen of Hawley’s Missouri constituents — including, most recently, a member of the Missouri National Guard — have been arrested or charged for their participation in the insurrection. Across the border, another nine Kansans have also been accused of involvement. Anybody who cares to know what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, understands it was the bloody, violent and irredeemable affair we all saw unfolding in real time with our own eyes."

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Josh Hawley thinks you're too stupid to realize Tucker Carlson is lying to you | Opinion

Fox News lies to its viewers. Josh Hawley is fine with that. Old news? Maybe. Certainly, we've known of both Fox's mendacity and the Missouri Republican senator's cynicism for a long time. But fresh developments have revealed yet again how deep the rot goes.

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You decide . . .