Kansas City Royals Offer Head Checks Ahead Of 90 Game Losing Season

To be fair . . . We think more mental health accommodations and advocacy are GREAT

It's just too bad this same kind of "historic" effort couldn't be directed toward putting together some kind of consistent pitching.

Nevertheless . . . We appreciate yet another tacit admission that this season will suck . . .

"Melissa Lambert, the Royals’ director of behavioral science, will be the first person in her role to have a seat in the dugout in Kansas City's effort to increase mental health resources for their players and staff. She will also be the first woman to be on the Major League on-field staff in Royals’ history."

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Royals target mental health with history-making hire

MESA, Ariz. -- Peek into the Royals dugout this season, and you'll see several new faces on the coaching staff. But the manager, bench coach and new pitching coaches are not the only changes you'll see. You'll also be witnessing history. Melissa Lambert, the Royals' director of behavioral science, will