Kansas City Rent Spike Review: Is 1000 Bucks Too Rich For Rathole?!?

We've blogged different versions of this story . . . But here's the trend that deserves to be highlighted. 

It now costs about 1,000 bucks per month to live in some of the rougher parts of KCMO. 

Too much??? Or the way of the world??? 

Here's another review of the sitch . . .

"Families already living in questionable conditions at an apartment complex in northeast Kansas City, Missouri, were given a month's notice that they need to leave, or pay a much higher rent."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Tenants at apartments in northeast Kansas City asked to pay double rent or leave

Work on the buildings has already started. It's work that is badly needed, but the problem is once it's finished, the people who live there won't be able to afford to stay.