Kansas City Politricks: All Manner Of Missouri & Kansas Propaganda

The new hotness for local news outlets is agitprop and for the moment it's in abundance whilst local journalism remains hard to find. 

Accordingly . . . Tonight we review some partisan headlines swirling around this week from both the left & right as we're stuck in the middle with the plebs.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Grounded In Hype

Kansas City's new airport terminal is 'showing love to local' with markets full of hometown goods

Local businesses are a significant part of Kansas City's story, Tyler Enders said, and the new terminal at the Kansas City International Airport gives travelers coming into the city the perfect prologue. "Right when people land in Kansas City, they will be introduced to local artwork, local restaurants and local retail brands.

Play Video Games

When major news sources report and promote lies, what is the public to do? * Missouri Independent

The recent revelation that multiple hosts on Fox News deliberately misled their audience - reporting and promoting the lie that there was rampant voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election when they knew there was none - may not be surprising but is definitely damning.

Tilting At Windmills

Wind farms are transforming the Kansas landscape. Here's an effort to tone down their lights

Wind farms continue to spread across Kansas - but with new features that will tone down the way they interrupt wide open skies with red, blinking lights visible for miles and resented by many rural residents.

Show-Me Skyfall Reporting

Missouri's winters are getting warmer, and it's already shifting bird migrations

Robins, tree and barn swallows, and other birds chirping in the morning is usually a welcoming first sign of spring in the St. Louis region. But bird watchers are hearing birdsongs earlier than usual. On , one birder in Illinois spotted a barn swallow at Horseshoe Lake State Park.

Double Cross?!?

GOP-led Kansas Legislature sends transgender sports ban to Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Sen. Renee Erickson fought back against what she viewed as offensive criticism for avidly supporting legislation banning transgender athletes from school-sponsored sports teams for girls and women.

Show-Me Another Nobody

Democratic candidates jump into race for Missouri attorney general * Missouri Independent

Democrats have their first potential 2024 statewide primary contest now that a term-limited lawmaker and a lawyer who's regularly sued the state's top leaders for Sunshine Law violations are both in the race for attorney general. State Rep. Sarah Unsicker of Shrewsbury announced her bid for the office in a tweet on Wednesday evening .

Reporting On The Harvest

Kansas lawmaker considers banning drop boxes to appease election deniers - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Rep. Pat Proctor imagines a scenario in which his wife leaves their SUV parked in the driveway with the vehicle's back door open. He compares this scenario to arguments surrounding the use of drop boxes in Kansas elections. On one hand, there is no evidence of voter fraud associated with drop boxes.

Lazy Conspiracy Theory?!?

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's agenda revealed? Fox says Soros-backed group trained her office in how not to prosecute

Instead of setting out to protect the community, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has turned her prosecutor's office into a social justice laboratory to reduce the incarceration of minorities, with the help of a far-left George Soros-linked group.

Tech Checking Po-Po

A Kansas bill hopes to weed out bad cops by sharing job applications

TOPEKA, Kansas - Kansas police departments could soon have another tool to keep unqualified candidates away from law enforcement. A proposed bill would require agencies to share information used on a job application and, more importantly, share information on why a candidate was rejected.

Tax Fighters Endure

SB 79 proposes theoretical property tax relief with a local earnings tax - The Sentinel

A unique "tax swap", allowing counties to institute an earnings tax, if approved by voters, to lessen some of the property tax burden in Kansas, was the focus of a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation.

Company You Keep

Jay Ashcroft withdraws Missouri from group designed to help combat voter fraud * Missouri Independent

Missouri will no longer participate in a voluntary system aimed at helping states combat voter fraud by maintaining accurate lists of registered voters. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced Monday afternoon that Missouri, along with Florida and West Virginia, were withdrawing from the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC.

Celebrate Rock Chalk Compassion

When it comes to addressing homelessness, Kansans know best - Kansas Reflector

Thursday afternoon, I sat through the House Committee on Welfare Reform's hearing on HB 2430. I can say that this bill would be a disaster for Kansans. HB 2430 will ban camping on local lands as well as state land. If enforced, violators could be charged with a class C misdemeanor with potential fines and jail time.

Documenting Hard Times

Lawmakers have declared war on the poor. They betray the 340,000 Kansans living in poverty. - Kansas Reflector

A battle cry has burst from the Kansas Statehouse, echoing through the marble halls and luxurious chambers. Legislators have focused their energies and coercive powers on a group of some 340,000 Kansans, more than the population of Overland Park. They have declared war on poor people.

Open Border Advocacy Disguised As Journalism

What would happen if everyone led on immigration?

The pilot episode of the When Everyone Leads podcast explores what it would look like for everyone to lead on the topic of immigration. The guest who brought the topic is Claudia Yaujar-Amaro, owner of the Wichita-based bilingual marketing and media company AB&C Bilingual Resources, LLC.

Impending Doom Teachable Moment

1 in every 5 Missouri schools is at risk of losing full accreditation after latest test scores plummet 25% statewide

(The Lion) - Missouri assessment test results from 2021-22 were released Tuesday, revealing breathtaking performance drops leaving more than 100 school districts short of the full accreditation mark. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), which releases the annual report as part of its "Missouri School Improvement Program," says it won't make any accreditation changes for three years, since this year's results reflect " a new system with different scoring.

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