Kansas City Politics & Marriage Don't Mix: Two Power Player Divorces Coming Soon

Tonight we focus on a bit of blind item goodness where insiders will know and remain quiet whilst everyone else will loudly guess and show how much they DON'T know. 


Given the divorce rates in this nation, I'm not sure why these unhappy couples are waiting to make the split. Even worse . . . It gives everybody something to talk about . . . 

Because we don't really care about the illusion of marital bliss . . . We're not going to share much about this suffering amongst our betters.

What we can hint about this heartbreak . . . One of the divorces impacts a council incumbent and another split goes EVEN HIGHER.

Even better here's what locals can learn from this . . .

Yes . . . 

Even cowtown politics can ruin the strongest of marriages and easily breaks up unstable couples. 

Allow TKC a brief aside . . . KC politics is a lot like high school and even middle-aged ladies and bloated lawyer dudes find a place to relive glory daze but with more access to money, booze and tough talk about their colleagues. We won't begrudge anybody their party time but we often notice that this part of "the game" is SURPRISINGLY important to local power players who clearly would rather occupy the cowtown social clique than spend much time crafting policy or thinking about mundane things like infrastructure or this town's worsening debt ratio. 

One last thing . . . The KCMO scene might be worse because so many of our elites mistakenly believe that they're high ranking power players making EPIC moves whilst the reality is that they're just slightly more arrogant semi-pros in a place that's smaller than Tuscon, Arizona. All of THAT and 5 bucks will buy coffee at Starbucks.

And this brings us to the big leagues wherein a power couple calls it quits despite so much chatter about "conservative values" and other misgivings . . .

"The former Republican power couple appeared to unravel during the Trump administration, as Kellyanne Conway remained loyal to former President Trump, while her husband became an ardent opponent of the president, according to The New York Times."

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Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce

Kellyanne Conway, a former senior adviser to Donald Trump as president, and her husband George Conway, who became a vociferously anti-Trump Republican, are to divorce, the Washington power couple announced on Saturday. The confirmation of the split is unlikely to surprise many in the politics-watching classes as, during the Trump administration, their public positions on the divisive rightwing president diverged quickly and radically.

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce after 22 years of marriage

D.C's weirdest marriage is over. Page Six hears that Kellyanne Conway, the longtime advisor to former President Donald Trump, and George Conway, the longtime tormentor of President Trump, have decided to divorce after 22 years of marriage. Beltway insiders tell us that they've both lawyered up and that the two sides are hashing out the details of the split.

You decide . . .