Kansas City NPR Celebrates Abortion Pilots

In the name of good taste . . . Decided against a coat hanger with wings lead image.

Instead . . . We take a peek at this questionable transit crusade and wonder if airdropping condoms might not be more advisable in terms of reducing the quotient of human misery in the world . . . Check-it . . .

"Elevated Access recruits hobby pilots to fly abortion patients out of states with bans. They offer a window into the increasingly scrappy tactics of abortion rights groups in a post-Roe America."

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Small planes and secrecy: Volunteer pilots fly people across state lines for abortions

The pilot, clad in a blue windbreaker, pulls his single-engine, four-seater prop plane onto the tarmac. The small municipal airport sits in a state where abortion is now banned in virtually all cases. But a short flight away in Kansas, it remains legal.