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Today's Reason To Start Diet

Food prices will rise again in 2023, putting more pressure on families

The U.S. Department of Agriculture food prices will continue their climb in 2023. All food prices are projected to increase about 8% over 2022 rates, with at-home food costs slightly higher than restaurant rates. Economists see eggs continuing to lead the pack with a 37.8% increase this year, while beef and pork prices decrease about 1%.

Meth Town Ponders Green Tax

Independence voters weigh in on possible recreational marijuana sales tax

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Independence Mayor Rory Rowland posed a question at a Monday press conference on a proposed sales tax on recreational marijuana sales. "We tax pot roast, why not tax pot?'" he said. KSHB 41 found fixing the city's infrastructure is at the top of Independence residents lists of what to do with the money if the sales tax passes.

Sneezy Time Of Season Awaits

ACHOO: For Kansas City, a longer and earlier allergy season expected in 2023

Doctors offices are already starting to see patients complaining of seasonal allergies - and we're technically still weeks away from Spring officially starting."First of all," said Dennis Patton of KSU's Extension Office in Johnson County, "our seasons are getting longer.

Jayhawks Clipped

Texas takes care of Kansas, wins Big 12 Championship game 76-56

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - As Texas guard Arterio Morris slammed home an alley-oop pass with just under five minutes remaining in the Big 12 Championship Game, Kansas' interim head coach Norm Roberts called for his first timeout of the second half with the Jayhawks trailing 70-50.

Deep Background

Dumps Like A Truck - Janet Guzman

Here's a new series I'm starting called "Dumps Like A Truck". If that squid dante won't touch "butt stuff", than I will. And I'll drop bangers like "Thong Song" from my boy Sisqo right in his face while doing it. Please drop the names of girls you'd like to see featured in this series in the comments below.

Prez Keeps Traditional Designs

Biden Scraps Trump's Design for Air Force One, Opts for Classic Colors

President Biden did away with Donald Trump 's plans for a new look for Air Force One, and instead stuck with the classic aesthetic ... albeit, with a little shade -- a lighter one, that is.

EPIC East Euro Battle Ensues

Ukraine, Russia say hundreds of enemy troops killed in battle for Bakhmut

March 11 (Reuters) - More than 500 Russian troops were killed or wounded in a recent 24-hour period during the battle for the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, a Ukrainian military spokesman said on Saturday. Pro-Moscow forces have been fighting for months to take Bakhmut, in the eastern Donbas region.

Far East Makes Friends

China-brokered Iran-Saudi deal raises red flags for US

An agreement struck by Iran and Saudi Arabia on Friday to re-establish relations has shifted concerns back to the state of the U.S. role in the Middle East - especially since the deal was brokered by Washington's main adversary, China. The diplomatic agreement, reached after four days of talks with senior security officials in Beijing,...

Still Plagued By Doubt

Saturday marks 3 years since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic

Saturday marks exactly three years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. Since then, more than a million American lives have been lost to the disease. Michael George speaks with doctors about what we have learned from the health crisis.

Zuck Sees Opportunity

Meta looking into new social platform that could rival Twitter

Meta, Facebook's parent company, is looking into a new social media platform that could potentially rival Twitter, as the company remains in turmoil under CEO Elon Musk's leadership. "We're exploring a standalone decentralized social network for sharing text updates," a Meta spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

Fad Forgets That Nobody Likes Stinky Interlopers

The media pushes polyamory - but the public isn't buying it

Is the number of people practising polyamory really growing? London-based millennial journalists seem to think so: I've seen three columns about the practice just since December. The New Statesman's Pravina Rudra wrote two months ago that a 'growing' number of her friends insist 'monogamy isn't natural'; earlier this month, again in the New Statesman, Lamorna Ash described [...]Read More...

Kansas City Day Drinking Exposed

Photos: St. Patrick's Day celebration starts early with Brookside Warm-Up parade

St. Patrick's Day came early Saturday in the Brookside neighborhood. A little rain didn't stop the 41st annual Brookside St. Patrick's Day Warm-Up parade from rolling through the streets there. Here are photos from the event.

Soggy Winter Persists

FOX4 Forecast: A good inside day

A early band of rain is moving through the Metro this morning as temperatures are starting around 34-37 degrees. There should be some dry time after this early band until about 11 AM, where more showers push in for the rest of the day.

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