Kansas City MO State Senator Greg Razer Stands Up Against Trans Crackdown

We've chided this politico for the dearth of legislation that he has passed. 

In fairness, I guess, we have to give him credit for policy that he's holding up.

Here are the basics . . .

The Missouri Senate’s spring break came a day early this year, after Majority Leader Cindy O’Laughlin adjourned the chamber following two days of a Democrat-led filibuster of a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors.

Kansas City Democrat Sen. Greg Razer, the Senate’s only openly gay member, said negotiations took place throughout the two-day filibuster, but a deal has not been reached that would convince Democrats to let the bill come up for a vote.

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Missouri Senate leaves town early after Democrats block a vote on transgender health care ban

Sponsored by Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, the legislation would block certain gender-affirming health care services, such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy, for transgender Missourians under the age of 18. Democratic lawmakers filibustered the bill for two days, before the Senate adjourned early for spring break.