Kansas City Killed Crossroads: West Bottoms Now Reigns As Artsy Enclave

Don't worry . . . A few condo developments might ruin this as well.

For the moment . . . Here's a peek at a welcomed holdout . . .

"Meantime, developers continue to scout the West Bottoms as a site for more apartments, offices and shops. Gentrification has been rolling through this district for quite some time, and it will continue. That’s bound to impact rents in the neighborhood. Holsum Studios hopes to stay on track as an affordable, nurturing destination for artists."

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An Affordable, Nurturing Haven for Artists in West Bottoms

Artist Garry Noland has leased studio space at the Holsum building for about four years. He also runs the Holsum Gallery in the building. It's easy to overlook the old Holsum Food Products building in Kansas City's historic West Bottoms. Where stockyards and slaughterhouses once reigned, ancient brick buildings stand cheek by jowl.