Kansas City Joe's Barn Well Remembered

One of our favorite foodie bloggers recently penned this worthwhile post regarding a beloved and bygone metro institution . . . Here's context and a link . . .

"Joe’s Barn was a large red barn structure with a huge parking lot, just on the northeast side of downtown Stanley, Kansas. The building was incredibly spacious inside with the capacity to host dozens of families, if not a hundred. Joe’s Barn had a weekly all-day buffet on Sundays. The big attraction was their “family style” or “country style” dinners. These typically featured broiled steaks, chicken, broiled ham steak, and fried shrimp. I recall the food as being fine. It was a popular destination for decades."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Bygone Kansas City Restaurants: Joe's Barn

Joe's Barn was a long running family style restaurant in Stanley, Kansas, a suburb in the southern KC metro. It looked like a barn. Was it a barn? Might be worth researching its origin story for a larger update. Joe's Barn was a popular restaurant among Kansas Citians and it comes up whenever I ask people which are restaurants they miss.