Kansas City Fight For The Fourth District

This part of Kansas City is accustomed to bitter council debates every four years. 

On paper this might be battle royale but here's what everyone is missing . . . The district has evolved by way of redistricting and all of these candidates are also fighting for Northland love. 

Meanwhile . . .

The new gentry in the 4th District MIGHT really benefit any candidate because most of them aren't registered to vote and so many others just rant on Twitter as their twisted form of political engagement. 

And so . . . We're curious to see how the primary hashes out given that voters in Midtown are smart enough not to trust anybody no matter their low-rent branding. 

The big question that everybody is missing . . .


There is a great deal of speculation but, honestly, nobody will know for certain until after the primary.

Here's the least offensive summary passage we could find . . .

Rizzo, Bunch and Dastrup have their policy differences on the margins, but they all agree that the city needs to do more to address issues like crime, affordable housing and basic services like trash removal.

More than anything at community forums, they have sought to differentiate themselves based on how committed they say they will be to serving constituents’ needs over the next four years, as well as on their experience and qualifications for the job.

Rizzo and Dastrup both accuse Bunch of not returning constituents’ phone calls. Bunch says he has always looked out for his constituents and makes a point at candidate forums of giving out his private cell phone number.

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KC Council incumbent, fired aide & longtime politician trying comeback all want this seat

Ten times Kansas City voters picked Henry Rizzo to represent them at the county courthouse and Missouri's capital. But it's been 17 years since he last prevailed at the polls and more than a dozen since he lost his seat on the Jackson County Legislature and receded from the headlines.

City Council 4th District candidates talk housing, the police and a downtown ballpark

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