Kansas City Fight Against Rent Stays Winning

With very little consideration of small time property owners or the impact on neighborhoods . . . KCMO continues to help locals fight landlords. 

Assisting the struggle of the working poor earns accolades from progressives. However . . . The economics of this effort aren't clear and many "home providers" have warned that this strategy might ACTUALLY make affordable housing even harder to find.

Meanwhile . . . Most newsies are satisfied to merely accept talking points . . .

"The success of Kansas City’s right to counsel program, which provides free legal representation to tenants facing eviction. In less than a year, right to counsel prevented evictions for hundreds of tenants. Now, the program is poised to get more funding from Kansas City officials for the upcoming fiscal year — $1.6 million, up from $750,000. Legal organizations involved in the program say more money will give it needed stability."

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Kansas City prevented hundreds of evictions by providing attorneys. Now the program is growing

When Briashauna Wallace received an eviction notice last month, she says it was a horrible feeling. The single mother was facing an expedited eviction - if she lost her case, she would have only 24 hours to leave her South Kansas City apartment. Wallace attended her first hearing alone.