Kansas City Expects EPIC E-Tax Refund Spike

We don't trust ANYBODY when it comes to money so all of they hype about e-tax streamlining is a bit premature from our vantage.

However . . . A line about an uptick in refund requests resonates given that NOBODY is rushing back to the office . . .

With the process reverted back, local tax pros expect the number of people seeking a refund to be about the same as in the past.

The city budgeted $8.5 million for refunds this year. It probably will have to add $8 million to $10 million to the budget this year.

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Kansas City reverses course on earnings tax refunds after baffling even tax pros - Kansas City Business Journal

The earnings tax represents a serious chunk of city revenue, and work from home prompted a surge in refunds. In response, the city created a more laborious process that baffled even tax pros. Now, the city has gone back to the prior approach.