Kansas City 2023 Election Silly Season According To Super Dave

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know that Dave is a great friend of the blog and one of our favorite denizens of the community.

Tonight Super Dave shares A GREAT HOMESPUN READ on all things election, Kansas City and politics. 

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Super Dave: Be Smart & Vote Smart

In less than a month people all over the Kansas City Metro area will be headed to the polls to vote on a variety of issues that will be on the ballots everywhere. And as usual there will probably be a very low voter turnout and who does get out to vote seems to always put back into power those that should never have been voted into office in the first place. I can’t understand why people continuously say my vote will make no difference. Your votes do make all the difference in the world. If at least 80% of the voters get out and vote a person into office or approve a tax or bond issue then you know that the majority has spoken but when only a minority of the voters speaks you have no idea what might’ve taken place if everybody had gotten out and voted. I find it very puzzling that people will go to places like Worlds of Fun, NASCAR race tracks, Chiefs games and such where they spend lots of money to do so while standing in line for hours on end or all day long there in lines such as WOF but they don’t have time to stand 30 minutes or 45 minutes in line to cast a vote which costs them nothing. I mean come on don’t you agree with that? If it’s really important they don’t have time but if it’s for goofing off they have all the time in the world. People can take time off work to attend parades and drinking in the streets yet they don’t seem to have the time to go vote on matters that really matter.

The upcoming election here in a few days is a chance for voters all over the metro area to send a huge message to our politicians. The message that you could send that will definitely shake up the status quo would be to not vote anybody back into office that is currently in office in the Kansas City Missouri elections. Those currently in office in Kansas City Missouri have displayed time and time again reasons voters should not want them back in office. Elect a whole new group of people to fill the current positions in these elections. Send a very, very, loud message that says if you can’t do the job you don’t get to stay on the job.

The most powerful tool any resident has anywhere in this country is your vote on political and government elections. And at the same time you should be demanding and protesting for honest legal elections. I can’t understand for the life of me why anybody would be against photo IDs in order to vote. You have to have a photo ID to drive a car but you don’t think you need a photo ID in order to do something such as voting people into office to run the governments of our cities, states and country. How do we get honest elections? It is very possible to have it happen but would entail a lot more scrutiny and results may be a day in the making but then again what’s 24 to 48 hours difference going to make? Nobody takes office till months later anyway. Only the media would have issues since they wouldn’t be able to predict anything.  A deadline should be set at let’s say 12 noon two days after an election for each election board to release all at once the results, for one that would eliminate the putting out of fake votes if one side or the other is behind. There can be put into place checks and balances to establish the legality of the votes being made. Have those votes checked through two or three different vote counts along with the elimination of mail-in balloting except for members in the service who are out of country or away from home at the time along with those unable to vote due to medical conditions that keep them from going to the polls. Mail in voting needs to have a clear cut off time and no exceptions at all. Early voting in nursing homes and such can take place by the local electoral election board simply by having that board go out to these nursing homes and conduct the voting and making sure that the person doing the voting is a registered voter and who is actually placing their mark on the ballot. This really sounds like a complicated issue but in all reality it’s not, it just takes some simple and I mean very simple planning and putting in place the procedures. Good grief we can send a flipping spaceship to another planet that half the people don’t even know where it exists in the sky but we can’t put on what appears to be legal honest unquestionable elections. Anybody that says our elections are totally honest is only kidding themselves as I even know they’re not honest as I saw issues in the last election with the machine I was using but the workers wouldn’t take it out of service. We have to start being honest with ourselves and start making sure legal elections are taking place and at the elections the questions for voters to approve or not are honestly described on the ballot without any trick wording. Voters should be able to go to the polls and not be totally confused about how to vote because somebody wrote up the issues in a manner that could cause voters to think they voted correctly when they didn’t.  Personally I liked the old school way of filling in the circle beside the issue you’re voting for rather than relying on a machine to do so.

In the Kansas City Mayor position this coming election there appears to only be two candidates unless somebody and a lot of people do a lot of write-in’s. I find it interesting that Mayor Lucas won’t do a debate as he has a legally qualified candidate running against him based on the current laws on the books for a candidate in the city of Kansas City Missouri. Now I guess Mayor Lucas thinks he’s got this thing won hands down and maybe he does or is he scared to come off looking bad if he were to debate? Failing to debate strikes me as Mayor Lucas thinking he is too good to do so. Is Clay Chastain the man for Kansas City? I absolutely have no idea and I’ll be very honest with you in saying so. A lot of people dislike him because of his light rail ideas. Well I’d really doubt in four years he could shove any kind of light rail thing on the people of Kansas City. Some question his character in the past on some polls and whatnot. That was a lot of questionable actions and nothing was really ever legally proved one way or the other technically. But look at Mayor Lucas, what about his questionable character actions? Mayor Lucas is not squeaky clean either by any means. But the voters know what Mayor Lucas has done in the past and I cannot believe that they will stand by and support more of that activity. So many people say the actions of Mayor Lucas is all for his own personal political scene in years to come in higher offices, well now’s the time the voters could shut that down from taking place. I’m not making it a point to say I am supporting Clay Chastain for mayor any more than I’m supporting Mayor Lucas for mayor but I will make it well-known what is in place now is not working and anybody that believes it is working is not able to objectionably really look at the issues at hand and be willing to be a part of making changes because changes have to take place as Kansas City cannot continue to go in the direction it is going. The voters have a chance to make it well-known of their displeasure and not just blindly vote for more of the same. I’ve been told often in different adventures all through the years that sometimes change is good and more often than not change will be good. Now is the time for the people to make the changes take place.  


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