Kansas City Council Passes Landfill Resolution: Stalling Tactic Or Solution?!?

Forgive our paranoia . . . But we've seen 12th & Oak pass a great many unpopular efforts despite public outcry.

And for that reason . . .

Whilst they have public attention and momentum . . . Many neighbors plan to continue their efforts in Jeff City to help provide more binding protection against a landfill.

Still here's the aftermath of this week's resolution . . .

The KCMO City Council gave the city manager six months to complete a report on the city's solid waste needs.

KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas told the council the report could take up to 18 months and involve experts from the Mid-America Regional Council.

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KCMO City Council votes to oppose any proposed landfill for at least 6 months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council voted Thursday to oppose any proposed future solid waste or demolition material landfill until the city manager's office completes a report on the city's landfill needs. The council vote was 11-2 in favor of the moratorium.

Kansas City votes to oppose all landfills until further study

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's City Council voted on a six month moratorium Thursday of approval of any landfill permits or zoning changes expressed opposition to any potential new landfill for now until a study can be completed.

Developing . . .