Kansas City Citizens Association Member Count: How Many Do They Represent?!?

With thanks to insiders we revisit this topic to do a quick check regarding the influence of a group that returns to the political fray.

Our main question . . . Just how many voters does Citizens Association 2.0 represent???

The answer from an insider . . .

"Literally, Citizens Association is about 9 people right now."

That's cool. 

Everybody has a right to organize and these are 9 VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. In fact, we're glad to hear Dan Cofran is back in the mix . . . For those who don't remember, he's a local attorney, former council member and long-ago perennial challenger against then mayor & now Congressman Cleaver. 

Still . . . 

Just to quickly repeat  . . . This isn't the same "Citizens" that old school voters remember and their forums are much more quiet affairs. 

Developing . . .