Kansas City Citizens Association 2023 Primary Endorsements

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Fwd: Citizens Association Endorsements

A few minutes ago the Board of Directors and Board of Governors of the Citizens Association made their endorsements for the 2023 Kansas City Mayoral and City Council Elections.  This was after a rigorous and thoughtful discussion that lasted nearly 3 1/2 hours.  The endorsed candidates are as follows:

Mayor - Quinton Lucas
1st District At Large - Kevin O'Neill
1st District - Chris Gahagan
2nd District At Large - Lindsay French
2nd District - Wes Rogers
3rd District At Large - Melissa Hazley
3rd District - Melissa Robinson
4th District At Large - Justin Short
4th District - Henry Rizzo
5th District At Large - Darrell Curls
5th District - Ryana Parks-Shaw
6th District At Large - Andrea Bough
6th District - Tiffany Moore

The Board of Directors met first to consider their endorsements that were then presented to the Board of Governors.  In the Board meeting, nominations for candidates were presented by members.  In most races, more than one candidate was nominated.  In those cases, members voted by secret ballot.  A majority of votes were required to receive the nomination.  If a majority did not vote for a single candidate, then the lowest vote-getter was removed and a new round of votes were taken until a candidate received a majority.  There were several close votes, recognizing the caliber of candidates that are in these races.

If you are an endorsed candidate, congratulations!  Please feel free to use this endorsement as part of your campaign.

If you did not receive the Citizens Association endorsement, we hope you continue to participate in the remaining candidate forums as our endorsement process is separate from the forums and we are happy to use these forums as an opportunity for you to meet voters.

Whether endorsed or not, we all know that you want what is best for the City and we will stand with you should you be successful in your efforts to be a part of the next City Council of Kansas City.

Should you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Scott Wagner


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