Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Scoffs At Twitter Blue Checkmark Cost

The White House won't pay for Elon Musk's social media gambit

And it looks like Paddy is out too . . .

Not everyone agrees Musk's monthly membership is worth it, including Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

"When are they taking away our check? 🤣🤣," Mahomes tweeted Friday morning.

Marquez Valedes-Scantling responded to the tweet, telling Mahomes to "Pay $8 for the guys."

"Can't bro i got kids...," Mahomes tweeted back.

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Chiefs Patrick Mahomes weighs in on Twitter's blue checkmark

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Twitter announced it will remove Blue Checkmarks from millions of legacy verified accounts Saturday, and the decision isn't sitting well with some users. The only option to keep the checkmark is to pay for Twitter Blue. Subscriptions for individuals costs $8 a month plus tax for the badge.