Kansas City Chiefs Cope With Jealousy: NFL Pundits Count Patrick Mahomes' Money

After a Super Bowl win . . . Critics continue to target the most popular QB in the league . . . Check-it:

Speaking about the Jackson contract situation and the broader backdrop of quarterback pay in today’s NFL, future Hall-of-Fame cornerback Richard Sherman actually found a way to blame Mahomes.

    “When Kirk Cousins got his guaranteed deal, I thought quarterbacks from then on were gonna be like ‘if it ain’t guaranteed, I ain’t taking it. Then Patrick Mahomes took that BS deal, 10 years and wanted it to be like half a billion. When he didn’t set it, then Josh Allen didn’t set it.”

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NFL legend blames Patrick Mahomes for Lamar Jackson contract situation

Reigning NFL and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson are two of the faces of the quarterback position in today's league. With that said Mahomes' situation with Kansas City is much different than what we're seeing between Jackson and his Ravens.