Kansas City Celebrates Pi Day

Local nerds will pay tribute to the ratio used to calculate the circumference of any circle by getting just a bit rounder themselves and forgetting to count calories. 

Here's a taste . . .

"March 14 marks Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi (π). Whether you can recite the first 100 digits of the sign or simply love eating pie, here's how to celebrate Pi Day in Kansas City."

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Happy Pi Day! Here are the best ways to celebrate around Kansas City

Do you know what today's date is? No? That's okay ... usually, I don't either. Today is March 14, 2023, aka Pi Day! And even if you're not a math nerd, consider this a reminder to mark your calendar for next year.

Honoring Pi(e) Day with a trip to Tippin's

Tippin's pies. // Photo by Sarah Sipple Since making it an unofficial holiday in 1988, mathematicians and foodies have celebrated Pi Day on March 14. Kansas City-based Tippin's Pies are honoring the day with $3.14 slices across the metro at Hen House Market locations.

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