Kansas City 2023 Endorsement Leaders Emerge Ahead Of Primary

With the election one week away . . . We're offering a quick peek at how voting in Kansas City REALLY works and how elections are decided.

Accordingly . . .


Rather than listing all of the groups vying to play kingmaker . . . We wanted to focus on the how and the why locals are backing these leaders . . . Check-it . . .

Dan Tarwater - Like most of these candidates, Mr. Tawater has a strong connection to unions and has been a longtime supporter of organized labor. However, what's interesting in this contest and what might push him over the edge . . . FAITH COMMUNITIES are supporting Mr. Tarwater because they know he's taking a beating over his anti-abortion stance from local progressives. The 6th district is Kansas City's Catholic corridor and they've adopted this candidate as part of their crusade. Interestingly, and according to TKC friends, some of KC's traditional Jewish communities have also given Mr. Tarwater's candidacy a bit of consideration given his radical opponents who align themselves the BDS movement in the name of social justice.

Henry Rizzo - Mr. Rizzo has a longstanding relationship with unions but in this election we're noticing a surprising level of support from neighborhood groups who feel neglected by the incumbent. Northland voters have also endorsed Mr. Rizzo with a great deal of enthusiasm given outright antipathy against the nicer side of the bridge from the current administration. Similarly and surprisingly, support for Henry Rizzo spans across diverse communities with his candidacy earning support from both Freedom, Inc. and police unions.

Melissa Patterson Hazley - Going into the primary, Ms. Patterson Hazley has captured the hopes and esteem of nearly every denizen of Kansas City's Black leadership class. Many see her as Kansas City's future and the key to continued advancement for the African-American community. Freedom, Inc. is backing her candidacy with everything they've got and every notable union into town is supporting her as well.

Kevin O'Neill - We're including Mr. O'Neill just to prove that we're not backing our friends in this post. This council dude constantly bores colleagues with his disdain for our blog and sends silly mean tweets our way from time to time. Nevertheless . . . Mr. O'Neill has garnered more support than any council candidate where it counts: MONEY. He's the cash king of the council race in 2023 and in this low turnout election that means power to rise above his challengers and leverage his family's name recognition. Kevin O'Neill's campaign confronts female challengers but his bankroll and local connections make him a safe bet and local leaders clearly feel the same way. 

Crispin Rea - Crispin has encountered trouble stepping out of the shadow of the prosecutor's office. He's a thoughtful person by nature and his personality doesn't always align with the shameless politicking required to be successful in local elections. Most of Mr. Rea's work as a prosecutor has consisted of pursuing cases against creepers who prey upon youngsters . . . A lesser candidate would put that respected reputation front and center . . . Instead, Mr. Rea is leveraging his Latino roots . . . In our opinion that's a mistake. Still . . . Mr. Rea has more advanced degrees than most of the council and his many union & community supporters have given their endorsements because they're clearly impressed with his experience and credentials.

We'll continue our www.TonysKansasCity.com coverage but right now these candidates seem to be at the forefront of the upcoming vote that hasn't garnered much coverage.

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