Kander Featured In Acclaimed Author Series

Jason Kander has earned rave and heartfelt reviews for his book. The confessional narrative might be his greatest work so far and has served to advance the conversation about soldiers and mental health.

Here's a look at an upcoming event where Mr. Kander talks about his writing and experience along with several other notable authors around the metro . . . Check-it . . .

The Acclaimed Author Series will close out its second season on Wednesday, March 29, as Kansas City native, former army captain and political figure Jason Kander shares his story through “Invisible Storm: A Soldier’s Memoir of Politics and PTSD.” The event will be held at 7 p.m. at the Blue Valley CAPS Building (7501 W 149th Terrace, Overland Park) and will be moderated by local writer, editor, author and playwright Victor Wishna.

"By confronting his PTSD in his newest book, Jason Kander publicly tackles what some might consider a very private subject – and that’s exactly why he wrote it, to do what he can to de-taboo it,” Wishna said. “But while vitally important, it’s not a heavy read – it’s, well, really enjoyable. Reading Jason's book is like getting to have a personal conversation with him, so I’m really looking forward to the chance to actually do that on March 29.”

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