Justice Horn Dustup With Missouri State Senator Earns National Coverage

A social media grudge match we've been watching has earned nationwide coverage for SPICY TALK of furries, bench presses and fashion . . . Take a peek . . 

Justice Horn took to Twitter to give Schroer a taste of his own dragged up medicine. Horn posted an old photo of the state senator in a blonde pigtail wig, with fake breasts under a t-shirt reading “Super sexy girl”. Mhm.

Let’s just say he was busted in more ways than one . . .

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Surprise! Yet another anti-drag legislator's dragged-up past just surfaced, because of course it did

Like clockwork - nay, more reliably than clockwork - another anti-drag republican has had their past drag entertainment experience dredged up from the depths. One might think that these queerphobic legislators would be tired of stepping directly on rakes, yet they stride confidently ever-forward.