Journalism: Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium Guessing Game

Actually . . . This is about the furthest from REAL NEWS that the local paper can get . . . They're throwing arrows at a board and reaching out into the darkness . . . In fact, all they're doing is spreading misinformation . . . Check-it . . .

"City and county officials continue to portray the East Village as the team’s highly-preferred option in private conversations with The Star, and it doesn’t require an elaborate investigation to secure the clues — the developer there began demolishing buildings in January, intensifying speculation that East Village will ultimately be selected from the group of 14 sites the team said it originally considered . . . Even so, that hasn’t prevented others from continuing to make a push. Or at least a pitch. Backers of at least two known sites are trying to steer the Royals toward alternatives. Those include the former Kansas City Star printing pavilion at 1601 McGee St. and a property north of the Missouri River in Clay County."

Any Reporting 101 professor would FLUNK a sophomore for that kind of garbage that doesn't do anything to protect the public trust. 

Also . . . 

We know enough about billionaires and their tactics to realize this report is mostly misdirection and more or less a practical joke on anybody who still pays for the newspaper.

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As Royals near decision, could these two sites be in play for downtown stadium?

On Thursday afternoon, the Royals will begin another season inside Kauffman Stadium, donning Opening Day uniforms that offer a nod to the first occupants of the venue. They came in 1973, embracing a stadium that has remained home for a half-century. But probably not for much longer.