Johnson County Sheriff Shares Insight Into Kansas Election Bill

The top law man in the Golden Ghetto wants more consequences for voting shenanigans.

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Hayden, the sheriff of the state’s most populous county, told senators during the hearing that his office’s ongoing two-year investigation into complaints about election fraud led to findings that 11 state election statutes were violated in Johnson County. He didn’t offer details, but pointed to “willful violations by the secretary of state and the election commissioner of Johnson County.”

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Kansas GOP executive, Johnson County sheriff try to shoot down Schwab's election bill - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The new chairman of the Kansas Republican Party and a Kansas sheriff investigating alleged voter fraud Monday joined two dozen citizens urging the Kansas Senate to kill election reform legislation advocated by Secretary of State Scott Schwab. The bill approved unanimously by the Kansas House would make 95 changes to remedy conflicting, obsolete or confusing language in state law.