Jackson County Sheriff Confronts Missouri Supreme Court Lawsuit Over Deputy Pay

We're not going to get in the way of this serious legal battle that has implications. We'll simply note that these ALLEGATIONS are important and will merit a great deal of legal debate that should resonate across the metro area. 

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For now, here is the word from local law enforcement supporters . . .

Supreme Court Lawsuit against Sheriff Forté

As of Friday March 3rd, 2023, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is struggling to find qualified applicants. Many believe it is due to the inability for Sheriff Daryl Forté refusing to promote pay and retirement increases.

Jackson County Deputies have the lowest retirement in the Metro area and were recently scrutinized by County Executive Frank White and Daryl Forté for attempting to obtain a better retirement. Along with that, Sheriff Daryl Forté is refusing to increase the Deputies pay, which has been approved by the Jackson County Counselor, Legislators,  and Finance Department. This pay increase would move Jackson County Deputies from one of the lowest paid in the metro area  to be competitive with other agencies. As of right now, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is down 15-20 Deputies, with little to no applicants. The department recently lost five members to another local police department and only hired two deputies within the last few months.

Being that Sheriff Forté refuses to increase pay that has been approved for the 2023 budget. The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 50 has filed suit against Forté for the pay increase to Deputies. This suit was filed through the 16th judicial court, who later elected to not be involved, since it involved county officials.

The case has been moved to the Missouri Supreme Court and has been assigned to the Honorable Judge David Chamberlain. The court date is set for 5-19-2023 and lists the defendants as Sheriff Darryl Forté, Bob Curtsinger ( Director of Finance ) and Michelle Chrisman ( Director of HR).

One would think would the current decline in police applicants, the amount of officers who have been killed in the line of duty (Blaize Madrids Evans, KCPD Officer Muhlbauer and NKC Officer Vasquez), along with the three other KCPD Officers who were just shot when serving a search warrant. Jackson County, along with Sheriff Forté would want to increase salary and benefits, not hold it hostage and wait for lawsuits . . .

These vacancies hurt the Sheriff's Office ability to effectively patrol and respond to calls for service. Furthermore, numerous other Deputies are looking at employment elsewhere, due to these actions taken by the Sheriff and Jackson County.


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