Jackson County Noob Shares Horrible Advice For Voters: Consider Candidate Character

Whatever Dudley Do-Right school of thought this screed is referencing . . . It's a disservice to the electorate AND also kinda scary that an adult wrote this . . . Here's the word from an elected official:

"What I’ve learned since serving these past two months is that what the public sees and “knows” through the media or investing the time in watching government meetings is often only a tiny fraction of what is happening. Hard-working, well-intentioned efforts may not be accurately portrayed and the complexity of government doesn’t make good headlines or interesting reading. Social media, rumor and out-right misinformation results in an electorate that is unlikely to be excited by anything elected officials are doing. Because of this challenge, I now believe that candidate character must be a primary deciding factor when I choose who I will vote for in future elections."

Here's the thing . . . 

This is nice advice from your granny but how are locals supposed to know ANYTHING trustworthy about a candidate's character?!?

Everybody is nice in public . . . Most people who are running for elected office want to do the right thing. 

Socrates believed that no one does wrong willingly. 

And so . . . .

There's nobody vying for elected office whilst twirling their mustache and wearing a black cape & top hat. 

Accordingly . . . 

Judging a candidate on "character" is nothing more or less than another subjective and inaccurate measurement wherein honest people can disagree. Here at TKC we focus on campaign finance reporting, policy decisions and haircuts. 

Little known fact . . . In most elections the candidate with the better haircut typically wins. Look it up and weep for American Democracy and fear that TKC insight into this topic is more accurate than most would dare to imagine. 

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