Internets Roasts Missouri Bill Against Microchip Vaxx Conspiracy

To be fair to our GOP friends . . .

If it's just a conspiracy and there's nothing to worry about . . . Then this part of the legislation shouldn't be a problem. 

In reality . . . There's a very serious medical debate here as politics & partisan hateration have inspired less faith in doctors and healthcare overall . . . The consequences of THAT could be disastrous in the long-term.

But for now . . . We can all enjoy a giggle at this tidbit whilst realizing (or ignoring) that we've already submitted to constant digital surveillance long before the pandemic . . . Check-it . . . 

"Language in the measure would ban public schools along with state and local governments from requiring any mRNA vaccination—including the covid-19 shot. The proposed legislation would also require all private employers to allow for broad exceptions to vaccine mandates. Effectively, anyone who wrote a letter to their employer asking to be exempted from vaccination would have to be allowed to skip it, per the bill. This would include healthcare workers, those who work in assisted living communities around the particularly vulnerable—literally, anyone and everyone.

"In addition to those basic anti-vax provisions, workplaces, schools and government officials would also be barred from forcing the public to undergo microchipping or forced mutation. Specifically, the law restricts “any treatment or procedure intended or designed to edit or alter human deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] or the human genome,” and “mechanical or electronic device[s]” placed under the skin.

"Neither injectable microchips nor DNA-altering substances are part of any currently administered, FDA-green lit vaccine. However, the fake, fear-inducing concepts are prominent talking points among anti-vax conspiracy theorists. Some common threads among those who believe in the imaginary microchips are that Bill Gates wants to use the technology to track people’s locations via 5G (he doesn’t, nobody does, it would literally be impossible for that to go unnoticed, and we already have smartphones for that anyway)."

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Non-Existent Vaccine Microchips Could Soon Be Banned in Missouri

A subset of Missouri legislators care deeply about freedom. For instance: The God-given right to NOT accept a life-saving vaccination and still attend public school or go to work in a hospital. Also, the freedom to not be forcibly injected with a (non-existent) microchip device or a DNA-altering substance.