How Should Kansas City Dudes Celebrate Women's History Month?!?

As we nostalgically look back at the glory days of a long gone Brit magazine . . . We also realize that living in the past is unproductive. 

Therefore . . . 

TKC has purchased an industrial sized vat of lotion, a new pillow and a ton of tissue paper in service of a single question: Please tell me how a dude with good intentions can celebrate the achievements of women?!?

I'll wait.

In the meantime, here's a much smarter guide to nicer occasions in the real world . . .

Whether it’s a special presentation, networking event, or exhibit, let us be your guide to gatherings celebrating Women’s History Month in Kansas City.

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Fourteen Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month in Kansas City - In Kansas City

As a majority women-owned and run business, IN Kansas City takes special pride in uplifting and recognizing the dedication of women IN Kansas City. It's always a good time to celebrate women's achievements, but Women's History Month brings a bevy of local events that put the spotlight on women in business, art, leadership, and activism.