How Safe Is Kansas City's Water???

Actually, it's a counter productive question give the lack of options in an election year wherein people know more about the issues confronting Jackson Mahomes than anything regarding the current ballot.

Photo credit: The greatest KCMO water ad ever produced and maybe the only justification for one of the worst city departments in local history.

Now, take a peek at a much more dismal report . . .

Kansas City’s water was last tested for toxic chemicals by the Missouri Department for Natural Resources in 2013 and found to be safe. But the new EPA rules would set higher standards for what is considered “safe.”

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EPA proposed rules on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water. What does that mean for Kansas City?

A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal issued Tuesday would tighten limits on toxic "forever chemicals" in Missouri's and Kansas' drinking water. If finalized, the rule would establish the first national standard for PFAS - which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances -- in public water supplies, bringing uniformity to a patchwork of state regulations.