Guv Kelly Vows To Veto Kansas School Choice

The Guv might have the votes to win this fight and seems confident in her efforts to thwart local families trying to escape crumbling public schools.

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The Democratic governor was critical of some Republicans who tied special education funding to the bill with educational savings accounts.

The governor said Republicans did this to try to pair something they wanted with something that she wanted in special education funding.

"It won't work," Kelly said. "I do not believe in vouchers. I believe that public dollars ought to go to public schools, and so it won't work. What they need to do is pull the special education funding out of that bill and put it back in the regular budget bill.

"Will I sign a bill supporting vouchers? No."

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Kansas governor says she'd veto school choice bill as written

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly talked with special education students at Shawnee Mission South High School on Tuesday while also sharing her concern for a bill dealing with school choice that passed the House last week. "They tied the Education Savings Account, which is just another way to say 'voucher,'" Kelly said after her meeting.

Kansas Gov. Kelly talks special education funding, proposed 'school choice bill'

Kansas House Republican lawmakers have a plan to fully fund Special Education at the state level. They've tied it to education savings accounts - that would give private school students up to $5,000 in public money - every year. Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly told KMBC she is strongly against that on Tuesday.

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