Call me Ishmael . . . Nah, I'm merely the captain of this love boat known as TKC . . . But right now I bring the social media catch of the day and more evidence that activists took the bait on a story that, sorry ladies, doesn't pass the smell test. 

Let's not be koi . . . 


This isn't our white whale . . . But it's important to share both sides of the story and you don't have to be a brain sturgeon to figure out that there was more to this story. 

We've seen the video and whilst any fin is possible . . . The story of discrimination just seems far fetched. In fact, it's really Kraken me up . . . Gimme a sec so I can clam down. 

Now . . .

Without letting anybody off the hook . . . Testimony from a server claims that the complaining customer was given every consideration and the wait staff went out of their way to accommodate the gentleman even as he was being a bit of a pain in the bass.  

Dear cod . . . This really does seem like a tempest in a teapot that's nothing more or less than a dispute over the bill.

Still, we understand concerns about net income . . . Ahoy, here's the word revealing feelings of guilt but also the desire to steer the course of this story in the right direction . . . First, here's her breakdown of what happened . . .

"When my manager and myself went to close out his bill and run the credit card on file it was declined. I went to Prime social to make him aware of the situation. He told me he would pay for it out of his personal account. He showed me his phone with his bank accounts. One of them was a zero balance one had $7000 and one had $9000. He agreed to go back downstairs to settle the bill. Once we arrive downstairs, he stayed calm and discussed the bill with us. However, eventually he became aggressive and belligerent. He stood up and stepped to the manager telling her he wasn’t going to pay. She stepped away from him. The second time he stepped up to her again aggressively within a foot of her. At that point, I informed him that the manager is my niece, my family, and that he needed to calm down. All of this interaction is on a video posted in the comments below. I had hope since we had gotten along so well throughout the evening that he would not harm my family. He said he didn’t care and continued to be aggressive with her. We feared for her safety. The manager is 5 foot one and 115 pounds. To step up on her like that was uncalled for. That is when the police were called when we did not feel safe with his abusive behavior. At that point, I told him that the police were coming and that I am trying to protect him and keep him safe. This is also on a video attached in the comments below. I told him to leave and get an Uber tonight and not drive home. I offered to pay for the Uber myself. I told him that the police were a block away and that he will be pulled over. I asked again to let me help him and pay for an Uber to make sure he was safe and he would arrive home safe. He refused. He did make a joke, saying I just wanted to get his address so I can come hang out with him."

And then, here's a passage that resonates regarding the impact of this story . . . And why activists should be more thoughtful about the "news" they report . . .

"As a black woman, I know what calling the police on a black man can mean. I am heartbroken at that part of it. I wanted to protect him. But also protect ourselves from him. We were concerned for safety, and our only option was to call the police to protect ourselves. As a black woman, I know how people of color can be treated while dining out. I know how I have been treated in the past. There is absolutely no way that I would treat HIM the way that he has described. I treated him with kindness and concern. I treated him with respect! The narrative he gave has started a storm in my life. The personal attacks, the threats . . ."

The video in question has garnered nearly 100K views and the topic is blowing up in urban communities. 

The lady's post is comprehensive and she does an EXCELLENT job in disputing the allegations in a much more serious manner than TKC. 

Read more via link to a post that's public for now . . .

"Every part of his video is a lie."