Exposed: Kansas City MAGA Republicans Running For Council

Actually . . . It wasn't very hard to find Republicans running for council in KCMO.

Thankfully, most of them are proudly up front about it.

However . . . Here's our premise for this post . . .


And so . . . 

We don't really care who TKC readers vote for . . . 

But pretending that there's anything "nonpartisan" about upcoming elections is a bad joke. 

Smarty-pants Poli-Sci profs seem to agree with us . . .

Political experts say partisan politics are likely here to stay in non-partisan races.

"You can make it difficult to put party labels or make it difficult to participate in the actual ballot, but they're definitely going to be involved in the electoral processes because they care about these policy issues,” Rockhurst University Political Science Professor Dr. Tom Ringenberg said.

Ringenberg also says it can help simplify races for voters to more easily understand if candidates align with a party or party ideals.

But it can also mean critical local issues are lost in a more national conversation.

And given all that . . .


For some of our readers . . . This will be a bonus and might provide more info on where conservatives should vote . . . At the very least . . . TKC wanted to dismiss at least a bit of the fakery in upcoming elections since the local media don't seem to care. 

Here's what we have compiled so far . . . 

City Council 1st At-Large

Ronda Smith - MAGA GOP supporter and right-wing conspiracy tweeter.

Pam Mason - Former Clay County GOP Commish

City Council 2nd At-Large

Mickey Younghanz - Ran as GOP candidate for Missouri State Senate - Also, we like that he has some connection to Westport and Knucklheads party places.

City Council 4th At-Large

Grace Cabrera - MAGA conservative recruited by police union.

City Council 5th At-Large

Theresa Cass Galvin - Former Jackson County Republican Legislator


Read more via link . . .

The outside influence of politics continues to seep into non-partisan local elections

In most cities and school districts, races for things like the city council or school board are non-partisan.Meaning candidates don't run as Republicans or Democrats.But, as our national politics continues to be bitterly divided, it's also seeping into local races.For example, in Lee's Summit, Mo., there are three open school board seats in the upcoming election.

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Developing . . .